The Series

While often we like to divide people and their choices into “good” and “bad,” the truth is that in most ethical decision-making, right and wrong can be very complex.

This is especially true for medical providers who regularly face challenging decisions that have the potential to greatly impact the lives of their patients. Through this 12-episode series we invite you to explore topics related to conflicts of interest, medical ethics, and burnout, and delve into the social science of our decision-making habits. Including interviews with over twenty Duke medical professionals and utilizing the pioneering research of behavioral economist and best-selling author Dan Ariely, we will examine what it means to work with integrity in today’s practice environment, and how to think about making the best decisions when the right answer is not readily apparent. We hope with this series we can bring a deeper understanding of what professionalism means in the complex world of modern medicine.

Who Should Use This Series?

If you are a medical professional (or soon-to-be medical professional), this series is for you!

How To Engage

While every episode will be available from the time you complete registration, we encourage you to return to this series once a month. Research shows that when it comes to integrity, like exercise, consistency is key.

By returning to the episodes on a monthly basis, we hope this series will serve as a periodic reminder to reflect on one’s professionalism and be a catalyst for practitioners to be more open about the challenges found in today’s difficult and pressured practice environment.

The Series Includes

  • 12 short films on topics salient to medical professionalism
  • Quick, fun experiments and exercises to illustrate core concepts
  • Concrete tips and takeaways
  • Literature review/resource archive

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