A New Approach to Continuing Medical Education

The Medical Professionalism Project is an innovative short film series that explores the complex expectations, challenges, and responsibilities of being a healthcare professional.

A collaboration between healthcare professionals, educators, filmmakers, technologists, and the behavioral scientist and best-selling author Dan Ariely and his team, this 12-episode CME series explores topics related to conflicts of interest, medical ethics, and burnout, and delves deep into the social science of our decision-making habits.


This series includes:

  • 12 short episodes (5-10 minutes in length)
  • Games
  • Academic Resources
  • Tips and Takeaways


Available for individuals, groups, classes, or health institutions, this series offers continuing education credit through our web platform. Episodes can also be licensed individually or in bundles for use in classrooms, presentations, or grand rounds. Check out our Episode Guide to see which topics are most relevant to your team.


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